What is Love & Literature all about?

Love & Lit curates non-fiction stories from writers and storytellers around the world. We host a single author each month and their stories are told through weekly chapters that share real-life experiences.

Global voices, for real

We’ve created partnerships to amplify the voices of writers from global communities to help them share their lived experiences. Our partners give us access to these communities that stretch around the world and often include marginalized voices.

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Who’s behind Love & Literature?

Love & Literature is part of CRY Creative Group (CRY for short). CRY is a content creation company specializing in written content. We host another publication called CRY Magazine where we feature articles about the emotional side of being a Creative.

Oh, there are actually people behind all of this. My name is Kern Carter and I’m the founder of CRY. I’ve written two novels: Thoughts of a Fractured Soul and Beauty Scars. I’ve also recently signed a publishing deal for my next book titled Boys and Girls Screaming. That novel will be out in the spring of 2022.

I started Love & Lit with my partner, Safia Bartholomew, who is a part of everything CRY does, top to bottom. Safia has one of the most creative minds I’ve come across and is an incredible storyteller.

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Writers from all parts of the world share their most intimate stories of joy and pain.


Writers from around the world share stories of joy and pain.